Spatial Relations

Spatial Relations is the second personal exhibition of painter and architect Taras Tolstikov. The opening is being organized by TheoStudio in Budapest, and it will be available for visiting everyday until July.


I have always been fascinated by both architectural environments and wild forces of nature. I am personally interested in experiencing various types of spaces and settings and the following analyzation of their impressions. 


In this ongoing and experimental series of paintings, I am exploring ways in which shapes interact in a space and the spatial relationships present. 


These compositions predominately represent the tensions, weight, heat and connection that two organic forms share between each other. The space in which they exist serves as a plain of interaction; a field for these forms to come together and twist into singular united entities. Through the cooperation between space and its inhabitants, I create a solid environment of homogenous and connected elements. 


The noticeably figurative aspects of my work draw inspiration from human form and the gesture of the body, along with the freeform natural lines present in all organic matter.