Painting Sensations - workshop

Painting Sensations: from Cezanne to Bacon.
Two-day practical workshop.

Day I: we explore visual art primarily as a felt sense. Taras will do a half-hour demo of Cezanne's concept of space. Then we will draw or paint, paying close attention to our present impulses and noticing any resistances in our actions. As each student has particular issues, Taras and William will address your process individually to help resolve blocks in expression.

Day II: William does a demo of Francis Bacon's technique, focusing on his concept of catastrophe. We will continue from day one with added attention to his sense of composition. This workshop is open to all levels of experience. For beginners, we will help you focus on developing an empathic response to your process. For intermediate artists who draw and paint, we will help you focus on developing your personal visual vocabulary.

Location: Paseo Yeserías, 47 Madrid 28005 

Hours: 10-1PM break 2PM-8PM 


The workshop will be in English.
The price is 70 euro.


Suggested reading and video for the workshop; Francis Bacon "interviews"- edited by David Sylvester
Gilles Deleuze - "The Logic of Sensation"

Video — Here 

Bring all preferable art supplies with you.
Anyone interested in translating to Spanish is welcome to take the workshop for free.
Please contact us.

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