Painting Sensation: Budapest

In this workshop we will focus on painting sensations as distinct from painting light or form. The paint stroke is not made to describe, illustrate, or please the eye. Rather, it goes directly onto the nervous system and constitutes a force that overwhelms our visual vocabulary and natural perception.

Exercises include combining forms into novel hybrids of sensations. We don’t want to copy or imitate what is given by reality and our perception but rather unearth and discern the forces within objects and render them visible.

Hours: 10AM-10PM with breaks.
The workshop will be in English.
The price is 10.000 forints. (8.000 for students) 

We have only 10 available places for this workshop. Bring all preferable art supplies with you.
Also we are able to provide needed materials.

Suggested reading: Gilles Deleuze - "The Logic of Sensation"
To watch/Read: Francis Bacon interview with David Sylvester

Write us direct message to be registered for one-day workshop on 29th of February in Budapest.

See you all in TheStudio!